• Date Recorded: 2005-04-16
  • Date Added To Archive: 2005-04-25
  • User Share: bootedmusic
  • Venue: The Satellite (Spaceland)
    Los Angeles CA USA
  • Artist: Dinosaur Jr
  • Style: Live / Electric
  • Artist Names: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, Murph
  • Media Type: MP3 192 What is this?
  • Also Available in: FLAC
  • Photo by Eddie Cheech

    Source: Handheld, ~20 feet back, just off center to right.
    Sharp MT877 Mini Disc, Sound Professionals Sp-Cmc-2 Standard Audio Technica Cardioid Microphones, Sound Professionals Sp-Spsb-2m24 Premium Mini Battery Module
    Windows XP --> SoundForge --> Wav --> iTunes --> MP3 VBR 192 (Medium)