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  • Artist: Sebadoh
  • Style: Live / Electric
  • Artist Names: Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, Eric Gaffney
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  • Sebadoh
    Local Band Feel: A Collection of Live Recordings 1992-93
    1994 X-Mas Records (xmas001)

    Semi-approved by the band; they were given some copies as payment. Pressing of 1,000.

    Overall sound is very good to excellent and most selected tracks are taken from soundboard recordings, except 1, 7, and 8, which are audience recordings. For some reason tracks 12-17 are at the wrong speed (too slow). There's some tape-collage stuff between tracks including snippets of the 1991 Show tape, Sebadoh on stage tuning instruments, giggling girls, and other random tape bits (including a short snippet of Lou covering Dinosaur's Tarpit, singing 'Got kicked out of Dinosaur').

    01 most likely San Diego, May 1992 (audience recording) 02-06, 09-13 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 5 May 1993 07-08 unknown location, 1992, possibly May (audience recording) 14-15 KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic Radio show, Los Angeles, CA, 11 August 1993 (Lou solo) 16-17 Black Session, France Inter FM, Paris, France, 22 June 1993.

    Above notes are adapted from http://www.sebadoh-and-suchlike.com/discography/sebadoh/bootlegs.html

    Found on eBay in early 2005. Transfer by Jw603 March 2007: black vinyl disk at 33.3 RPM > Technics SL-B100 Turntable > Sony pre-amp > Optimus 10-band EQ [31hz +4dB, 62hz +4dB, 250hz -2dB, 1khz -2dB, 2khz -1dB, 8khz +2dB] > dbx 266xl compressor [1.3:1 @ -25dB, auto, overeasy] > BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer [low contour=10, process=5] > M-Audio Delta 44 > CD Wave Editor > Adobe Audition [DC bias adjust & normalize] > FLAC

    It's rockin. The web site above listed track 6 as a cover of the Van Morrison song, but I'm not hearing that anywhere, it's an interlude of a few different bits. Written in the run-out groove on vinyl side A is "Where's Sebadoh's ectacy party?" [sic] and on side B, "Get Wasted" Sound quality varies a bit, but it's mostly rough soundboard tapes. Enjoy.